2 Culture 1.7

Cultures devise many ways to understand, deal with, avoid, and transform the cycle of life, which includes death of ego and body. With this devising, many paths toward experiences of Higher Self are created, yet also in its devising, many paths toward experiences of fear are created—as social control mechanisms.

1 Culture 1.3

There will be many who attempt to take our power to create culture; those who seek to control culture in order to sell culture. These controllers of culture will attest that everything, every one, and every piece of culture should be bought and sold: this is the uniformity of conformity in modern culture.

1 Culture 1.4

The power to create culture never dies. The Second Hand Collective gathers energies and seasons to create cultural transformation. Buddha will be sold in the East and then the West; Jesus will be sold in the West and then the East. Archetypes will thrive and fall, until the creating of cultural fellowship becomes holistic through Higher Awareness.