Emergence 1.3

And Aries forges direct paths with great will and ego, yet in doing so, he ignores many other paths. Hathor provides plenty, yet in doing so, she encourages possessiveness in her people. Ardhanarishvara exalts union, yet in doing so, they also enhance duality. Chandra protects images and emotions, yet to do so, she must often hide. Leo loves to protect and create, yet while doing so, he loves to boast. Mary is pure and faithful, yet to be so, she embraces inhibition and criticism. Themis directs justice and wisdom, yet to do so, she commands severity and imbalance. Serket brings transformation, yet to bring, she must both sting and heal. Ganesha travels and attains wisdom, yet in doing so, he solicits dogma and pretentiousness. Cernunnos provides stability, yet in doing so, he becomes stagnant. Hapi offers special gifts from above to many, yet in doing so, must sacrifice himself to society. Pisces perceives spiritual idealism, yet by doing so, she battles and entices with delusion.