Sacredness 1.1

And Goddess and God spoke through many Seers, High Priests and Priestesses, Magis, Rishis, Shaman, and other manifested alignments driven by the experience of higher awareness—from Aaron, Miriam, and Moses to Meresamun of Egypt and Vidyaranya of Advaita Vedanta, and later William Wynn Westcott and Carlos Casteneda, and many others labeled and not labeled within the spaces and realities of Earth.

Sacredness 1.3

The Seers saw the sacredness of blood, breath, and sound. To more fully experience the sacredness of blood, breath, and sound, they created ritual experiences for themselves and sometimes others. They created sacrifices, magics, rites, meditations, songs, prayers, chants, offerings, sermons, ceremonies, and many other ritual experiences. They also created sacred spaces for ritual experiences, including circles, altars, tabernacles, and other spaces for groups of few and many.