2 Culture 1.7

Cultures devise many ways to understand, deal with, avoid, and transform the cycle of life, which includes death of ego and body. With this devising, many paths toward experiences of Higher Self are created, yet also in its devising, many paths toward experiences of fear are created—as social control mechanisms.

1 Culture 1.3

There will be many who attempt to take our power to create culture; those who seek to control culture in order to sell culture. These controllers of culture will attest that everything, every one, and every piece of culture should be bought and sold: this is the uniformity of conformity in modern culture.

1 Culture 1.4

The power to create culture never dies. The Second Hand Collective gathers energies and seasons to create cultural transformation. Buddha will be sold in the East and then the West; Jesus will be sold in the West and then the East. Archetypes will thrive and fall, until the creating of cultural fellowship becomes holistic through Higher Awareness.

Sacredness 1.1

And Goddess and God spoke through many Seers, High Priests and Priestesses, Magis, Rishis, Shaman, and other manifested alignments driven by the experience of higher awareness—from Aaron, Miriam, and Moses to Meresamun of Egypt and Vidyaranya of Advaita Vedanta, and later William Wynn Westcott and Carlos Casteneda, and many others labeled and not labeled within the spaces and realities of Earth.

Josh 1.7

It will take strength and courage of different kinds throughout the histories of humans, to alter the view of advancement, to take hard ways instead of easy ways to protect our inheritance, to choose ways of living on Earth that do not waste, do not enhance possession, and do not increase competitions among us based on lower awareness.

Emergence 1.3

And Aries forges direct paths with great will and ego, yet in doing so, he ignores many other paths. Hathor provides plenty, yet in doing so, she encourages possessiveness in her people. Ardhanarishvara exalts union, yet in doing so, they also enhance duality. Chandra protects images and emotions, yet to do so, she must often hide. Leo loves to protect and create, yet while doing so, he loves to boast. Mary is pure and faithful, yet to be so, she embraces inhibition and criticism. Themis directs justice and wisdom, yet to do so, she commands severity and imbalance. Serket brings transformation, yet to bring, she must both sting and heal. Ganesha travels and attains wisdom, yet in doing so, he solicits dogma and pretentiousness. Cernunnos provides stability, yet in doing so, he becomes stagnant. Hapi offers special gifts from above to many, yet in doing so, must sacrifice himself to society. Pisces perceives spiritual idealism, yet by doing so, she battles and entices with delusion.

Society 1.4

Leaders of many kinds and of many groups and subgroups created divisions of land, calendars, doctrines, dogmas, laws, rules, and structures for people to follow. People, societies, and cultures multiplied throughout the spaces on Earth. They labeled places and all that they could see to label.

Ax 1.1

For all that Seers and others have taught, for all the ghosts, gods, goddesses, demons, spirits, and so on, that people have given commandments about, for all the choices you “could” have made better, for all of the “infallible” proofs and Truths, for all the things pertaining to religion, and for even all the things Seen: THEY ARE MEANT TO BE AXED.