Feelings: Chapter 1

1. Jack and Jill, Jane and John Doe, to all manifested alignments with spiritual feelings, Higher Awareness be unto you.

2. Mind does not distinguish the difference between memory and experience, yet every memory is different for each person remembering.

3. Feelings may reveal when good works are being done, yet feelings may also deceive.

4. Comparing self or life to other selves and lives creates feelings that disturb self and life.

5. When someone is in your heart, let their feelings be sacred.

6. If feelings—about beliefs or any person or any idea—brings defensiveness, examine your insecurities until your position requires no defense, being a part of you.

7. If you feel offended, examine your insecurities as energetic links toward Higher Awareness, your position not requiring the feelings of others, your excellent approval not requiring the excellent approval of others, your sincerity being a part of you.

8. Your mind is a record of your feelings; your feelings a record of your mind.

9. Be of open mind and heart to love and knowledge, yet ever aware of what you allow to be a part of you.

10. When things happen to you, where are you? When things happen through you, you are you. That through you, the reasons for things become a part of you, even the most difficult things, so that being a victim is not a part of you.

11. Fear may cause silence, which may cause anger, which may lead to transformation through voice and love. Yet, love may cause fear and voice may express anger. The cycle of feelings is unlimited in supply, holding keys to understanding Self.

12. To be without expectation is a path of non-attachment; to be of highest expectation is a path of love. May you be bold on both paths.

13. Your flesh is your fruit; every day holds the promise of mortality and transformation. In the feeling mind, flesh becomes fruit as conversation becomes spirit. To hear what is tasted, to taste what is seen, to see what is thought: now hear to be in you.

Galleys 1.4

The spiritual winds of unattachment that propelled Buddha and the spiritual winds of love that propelled Jesus—lifted and transformed rather than labeled and judged people. Yet, the first followers and followers thereafter often focused energy on labels of sins and judgments of people—for money, power, and prestige.

Galleys 1.7

Let no person attest that his or her certification of spirituality is highest among people. Let no collection of people attest that their revelations are highest among Spirits. Let no religion dictate and control your spiritual conversations. Let no religion profit from the blindness of tradition, nor ignore the traditions from which it borrows.

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The word “Noah” may become an archetype so that many associate the word with animals, spiritual energies, and events. Yet, in the individual context of the mind that associates without end, “Noah” may also bring forth an immediate association of “Yessah,” which is a basic example of mental association through polarity—or opposites.

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In one transfer of association, Ham as an archived last name becomes the prepared meat of swine. The transfer of association may continue with ham as the prepared meat of swine to the hock of a ham. Yet, in a third transfer of association ham hock may be associated with the word “hawk,” which corresponds to symbols of the bird. The transfer of association from one to three and beyond may leap in a mental flash, without conscious process.